We are back as a DAO in 2022
Almost 6 years has passed since our first ever conference on blockchain technology in Helsinki in August 2016.
We've since focused on creating a valuable, community-driven platform and have been successful in doing so over the years. Our fullscale live shows in Berlin, Singapore and Las Vegas as well as online conferences in 2020 have helped tens of thousands of people get into crypto and Web3, build new partnerships and businesses and drive the industry forward.
Our goal was always to engineer a community-driven worldwide gathering on an unprecedented scale in which all parties involved – from attendees to sponsors and partners — play a real game-changing role. To make it a REAL community-owned gathering.
What is BlockShow DAO?
We are creating BlockShow DAO — an event DAO aiming to bring the ownership economy to the events space. It’s not just sharing revenue; it’s completely new way for event communities to be a part of the events they attend and for event organizers to make their events thrive like never before. People live in tribes, and events are the most natural ways for people to gather together. DAOs give almost unlimited opportunities for creating, engaging and scaling intrinsically motivated communities.
Our aim is not just to organize events; we want to show other event organizers and communities by example how event DAOs help bring people together in an entirely new, engaging way.
Why join BlockShow DAO?
BlockShow DAO will consist of a number of subDAOs or collaborate with other event DAOs to create the biggest community-owned Web3 Summit & Exhibition in the world.
We are preparing a series of engaging activities and NFT drops with the biggest artists and privileges at BlockShow for NFT holders — more info on Discord.
Join our Discord as a first step on the way to be a part of BlockShow DAO. Take part in discussions, contribute and just get more info.
A few stats
2020 in collaboration with
SFF, backed by Monetary Authority of Singapore
Mentions in
Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg and others
Among the Top Speakers:
CZ, Vitalik, Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss, Balaji Srinivasan, Joseph Lubin, Dr. Ben Goertzel, Dan Morehead and other builders
events all over the world online & offline
founding year
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