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In November 2018, speakers from the world’s biggest companies and most exciting startups will come to Singapore to share their stories and experiences, educate, challenge and inspire the audience.
Leaders, innovators, and disruptors unite at BlockShow for insightful learning, challenging debates and the right conversations.
BlockShow speakers
Jason Hsu Jason Hsu Crypto Congressman & Legislator of Taiwan
Vincent Zhou Vincent Zhou Investor, Founding Partner at FBG Capital
Thomas Lee Thomas Lee Co-founder & Managing Partner Fundstrat Global Advisors, Quoted in CNBC, CCN, Bloomberg
Bobby Lee Bobby Lee Co-founder of BTCC, Board Member of Bitcoin Foundation
Chia Hock Lai Chia Hock Lai President of Singapore FinTech Association (SFA), Chairman of Token Economy Association
Justin Chow Justin Chow Head of Business Development, Asia for Cumberland, the Cryptoasset Arm of DRW
Michael Gu Michael Gu Blockchain Educator, Founder of Boxmining channel with 180K+ subscribers and 12M views
Remington Ong Remington Ong Partner at Fenbushi Capital, managed investments into 40+ leading global startups
Tone Vays Tone Vays Ex-Wall Street Professional, Crypto and Blockchain Educator, Researcher & Consultant
Zing Yang Zing Yang Investor, Board of Directors at Litecoin Foundation
David Lee Prof. David Lee Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Director at LeftCoast, Co-Founder at BlockAsset Ventures, Libai.io
Vanessa Cao Vanessa Cao Investor, Managing Director at JRR Crypto, Partner at Bridge capital
Anson Zeall Anson Zeall Chairman at ACCESS, Co-founder at Coinpip, Member of SFA
Jane Lippencott Jane Lippencott Investor, Head of Business Development at CoinFi, Founding Team of ZenCash
Renqi Shen Renqi Shen Digital Asset Investor, Fenbushi Capital Investment Team, Partner at BlockAsset Ventures
Sinhae Lee Sinhae Lee Investor, Founding Partner at GBIC and Block72 International Blockchain Consulting
Joseph Young Joseph Young Financial analyst & Сryptocurrency Investor, Contributed to Forbes, CCN, Cointelegraph
Dovey Wan Dovey Wan Investor, Founding Partner of Primitive Ventures
Dr. Quy Vo Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard Investor, Co-founder at HIT Foundation, Health Data marketplace in Сrypto Valley Zug
Calvin Cheng Calvin Cheng CEO & Co-Founder of ABCC Cryptocurrency Exchange, WEF Young Global Leader
Cris Duy Tran Cris Duy Tran Country Head at Infinity Blockchain Ventures Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Director at QRC Group
Joe Seunghyun Cho Joe Seunghyun Cho Chairman of Marvelstone Group, Founding CEO of LATTICE80
Sang Lee Sang Lee Investor, President & CEO at DarcMatter, Contributor to Huffington Post
Han Kao Han Kao Investor, Founder & CEO of CryptoBriefing, the largest independent crypto review platform
Mark Mueller-Eberstein Mark Mueller-Eberstein Investor, best-selling author in 12 languages, involved in APEC, World CIO Forum, Microsoft's WPC
Marc O’Brien Marc O’Brien Angel Investor, Fintech Advisor, CEO at Crypterium, the World's 1st Global Cryptobank
Alex Medana Alex Medana Angel Investor, CEO & Co-Founder of FinFabrik, Founding Board Member at FinTech Association HK
Samson Lee Samson Lee Investor, Founder & CEO of CoinStreet Partners, Co-founder of the Blockchain Centre of Hong Kong
Christopher Greene Christopher Greene Founder of Alternative Media Television & Bitcoin Rich, Media Personality Featured on CNN, Fox News, RT
Melody He Melody He Co-Founder of Spartan Group, Advisor & International BD at Origin
Malik Kotadia Malikkhan Kotadia Global Digital Banker, Fintech mentor and Blockchain evangelist
Eric Benz Eric Benz Investor, CryptoFriends & ICOBench Ambassador, Founding Member of UK Digital Currency Association
Seth Melamed Seth Melamed Senior Vice President and Head of Operations at QUOINE, Former VP at Goldman Sachs
Cal Evans Cal Evans Founder of Gresham International, Board Member of The British Blockchain Association
Naeem Aslam Naeem Aslam CMA at ThinkMarkets, Columnist at Forbes, Irish Brokers Young Award
Nydia Zhang Nydia Zhang Co-Founder and Chairman of Social Alpha Foundation, Co-Chair of Financial Literacy in FinTech Association of Hong Kong
Seokgu Yun Seokgu Yun Founder & CEO at SovereignWallet Network, CEO at NOD Bizware
Zennon Kapron Founder & Director at Kapronasia, one of Asia's leading fintech research and consulting firms
Matej Michalko Matej Michalko Founder, CEO at DECENT: Decentralising Content Distribution. Co-Founder at ALAX.io
Jason Fang Jason Fang Managing Partner at Sora Ventures, Founder & CEO at Sora Foundation
Jehan Chu Jehan Chu Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Kenetic, Co-Founder Social Alpha Foundation
Richard Wang Richard Wang Partner at DFJDragon Fund/ DraperDragon Fund
Stanley Yong Stanley Yong CTO at IBM, Former Head of Innovation at MAS
Robin Lee Robin Lee CEO & Co-Founder of HelloGold, Former CFO at World Gold Council
Alex Liu Alex Liu Founder & CEO of Amis Technologies, Maicoin and the Max Digital Asset Exchange
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