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Rome april 18
BlockShow Meetup Rome
BlockShow Meetup Rome
BlockShow Meetup Rome
Our Amazing Speakers
Caterina Ferrara Caterina Ferrara Founder at Blockchain Ladies, Fund Raising Advisor & Community Manager, e-Health Expert
Tiziano Tridico Tiziano Tridico Famous Italian Blockchain blogger, Blockchain Investor, Co-founder at Koinsquare
Federico Tenga Federico Tenga Global Venture Developer, Co-founder of BlockchainEdu (BEN), Co-Founder at Chainside
Eagle An Eagle An President at Bankorus, the world's 1st AI-powered blockchain wealth management platform
Luca Carabetta Luca Carabetta Member of the Italian Parliament, M5S Parliamentary Group, Fourth Industrial Revolution expert
Addy Crezee Addy Crezee CEO at BlockShow, ex. CMO at Cointelegraph
“We need events like this, events to educate people, events to spread information about blockchain.” – Caterina Ferrara, Founder at blockchain ladies ICO adviser