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Amsterdam march 30
BlockShow Meetup Amsterdam
BlockShow Meetup Amsterdam
BlockShow Meetup Amsterdam
Our Amazing Speakers
Ailin Wang Ailin Wang VP at ChainX Network, COO at Sweden China Startup Forum, General Sponsor Representative
Colin Meulema Colin Meulema Dutch Blockchain Expert, Chief Education Officer at Bitcone
Toufic El Rjula Toufic El Rjula Co-founder and CEO of Tykn, public speaker, educator on digital currencies and Blockchain technology
Olivier Rikken Olivier Rikken Best Public Speaker 2017, Director Blockchain & Smart Contracts at AXVECO
“Here you can meet innovators, regulators, startups, you can meet developers, you can meet everyone.” – Toufic Al-Rjula, co-founder and CEO at TYKN