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Singapore November 14-15

Crypto Finance

BlockShow Asia 2019 Marketing

Having once become an Alma Mater for Crypto and Blockchain, the Financial field is still bursting with both game-changing solutions and big controversies. Payments, tokenomics, stablecoins, digital assets - whatever you think about, we will have it on board for BlockShow Crypto Finance Conference! Featured by crypto & finance experts from all over the globe, there is no way we are missing a single bit of this complicated and multi-dimensional ecosystem.

Crypto Finance conference
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2:00 PM Opening remarks
2:10 PM Fire side chat with Sarah Olsen, Managing Director, Corporate Development at Gemini
2:35 PM Payments with crypto: where's that adoption right now?
3:10 PM Keynote by Leinali Hua, Co-Founder at ZVChain
3:30 PM The progress of Stablecoins - if any? Can I use it yet?
4:05 PM Crypto Loans - How to use, who to use, when to use
4:40 PM Crypto as a Store of value: How can we rely on it
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