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Singapore November 14-15

Artificial Intelligence

BlockShow Asia 2019 Marketing

On the AI conference we will discuss in detail the topic of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Neural Networks, Machine Learning and its relationship with blockchain technologies. The main speaker if Artificial Intelligence conference is Ben Goertzel. He is Chief Research Officer at Aidyia Holdings, a specialist in financial forecasting, chairman of Novamente LLC, a privately held artificial intelligence software company, and Biomind LLC, a company, which provides AI for bioinformatic data analysis. BlockShow AI Conference in Singapore will gather up top-level scientists and experts to share knowledge, solve problems and push the innovations forward - ‘cause everyone knows Blockchain and AI are belong together!

11:00 AM Opening remarks
11:10 AM "Deep Truth: Using AI and Blockchain to Combat Deepfakes and Fake News and Spread Truth and Understanding"
11:35 AM AI, Blockchain, and mutual dependance: why it makes sense, or doesn't?
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