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While BlockShow Asia 2019 is Roughly 50 Days Away, More Speakers Join the Event – Check Them Out!

BlockShow Asia 2019 Speakers Update
BlockShow Asia 2019 Speakers Update

A little over 7 weeks left until BlockShow Asia 2019, the Festival of Decentralized Technology, which, as you might remember, is going to be anything but a regular Blockchain event, having incorporated 10 different conferences – not even mentioning various side-events! With such a rich upcoming program, it’s no surprise that each week we keep coming back to you with a fresh batch of great updates covering different aspects, but most importantly, the speakers! So, let’s just find out who has joined BlockShow this week?

Veronica Tan BlockShow Speaker

Veronica Tan

Without any doubt, Victoria has been one of this week’s key additions to the BlockShow 2019 agenda.

Being a Director at Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Singapore, Veronica comes from the company’s technology office, where she is focused on tech strategy development, as well as bootstrapping Blockchain and other emerging tools holding the potential of making Singapore the leading Digital Economy globally. Earlier in her career, Veronica served as a Deputy Director at IDA – more specifically, the Next Generation Capabilities Platform. Back then, she used to put her efforts in overseeing the development of IDA’s Smart Nation Platform to enable data-driven decision making for Singapore. Under Veronica’s leadership, the platform’s team provides all the necessary data science and analytics capabilities to strengthen communities, create opportunities and support better living.

Yi Ming Ng BlockShow Speaker

Yi Ming Ng

With earlier positions at Alibaba-backed Lazada and AIG, today Yi Ming Ng is the Managing Partner at Tribe Accelerator, Singapore’s First Government-Supported Blockchain Accelerator. Partnering key industry leaders, such as AXA, BMW Group Asia, Citibank, ConsenSys, EY, IBM, Intel, Nielsen, PwC, R3 and more, company strives to build up a neutral and hyperconnected platform facilitating the mass Blockchain adoption.

Apart from Tribe, Yi Ming also serves as a Partner at TRIVE, an early-stage SEA-focused Venture Capital firm. Over the last 8 years, the company supported over 900 entrepreneurs and incubated 60+ startups in various sectors like Blockchain, AI, Data Science, and FinTech.

Daryl Hok BlockShow Speaker

Daryl Hok

Featured in major publications including Forbes, VentureBeat, and more, Daryl Hok was earlier in charge of Corporate Development at FiscalNote, a machine-learning legal tech company, where he was also responsible for the creation and launch of the company’s software products and data infrastructure. Today, he serves as Executive Vice President and COO at CertiK, a Blockchain-Cybersecurity company, that is a pioneer in Formal Verification techniques. Founded by the Yale Computer Science department chair and a Columbia University professor, CertiK has secured over $6B from investors like Binance Labs, Lightspeed, Bitmain, FBG, Arrington XRP, and others.

Tyler Wu BlockShow Speaker

Tyler Wu

Having started from scratch and being responsible for the SEA region, by 2017 Tyler became the Managing Director at Huobi Singapore. Today, he is a Global MD at BHEX, a crypto asset service provider with core founding members coming from companies including Google, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Barclays Capital, and more. While the global BHEX team leads the company to become a competitive global player in the blockchain ecosystem, Tyler himself specializes in exchange operations, as well as leading BHEX offices in Singapore, USA, and the UK.

Patrick Yeo BlockShow Speaker

Patrick Yeo

Over the course of the past 17 years, Patrick was working, among other things, within asset management and venture-related advisory. He is currently a Partner leading the PwC Venture Hub, responsible for servicing clients in both venture and startup ecosystem, as well as being the venture partner for PwC Singapore. He is also part of PwC Singapore’s Asset and Wealth Management Practice.

Liz Steininger BlockShow Speaker

Liz Steininger

With over 17 years in Project & Product Management and Analytics in both Private and Public Tech Sectors, Liz was also handling financing for Internet freedom projects at the Open Technology Fund. She is now the CEO & Managing Director at Least Authority, a company supporting people’s right to privacy through security consulting and solution building.

Of course, all on the above is not nearly an exhaustive list of everything that happened and is currently happening within our upcoming Blockchain event; so, what can you do right now to never miss a bit of BlockShow news? Well, that’s easy: subscribe and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, sign up for our weekly newsletter and watch our speaker lineup getting just more awesome on the official BlockShow website. Time to BlockShow Asia 2019 is getting shorter, so keep up with our latest news, and we’ll see you next time!