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Update Journal #3: Adding to Asia Blockchain Week, Going Mobile & Honoring the Contest Winner!

BlockShow Update 3
BlockShow Update 3

Phew! Another week passed by. Today, only 12 days till BlockShow Asia 2018, I came to share another bunch of updates, awesome and exciting as usual. Hope you can drop packing for your Singapore trip for a minute to see what’s new since my last publication. Let’s begin!

One of, perhaps, the major news of this week became a new partner joining BlockShow. However, this partner wasn’t the first or the only one — so what’s so special about it? The thing is, this partnership represents another event which this time will be held under the umbrella of Asia Blockchain Week.

Meet Blockchain2Energy Asia! Solarplaza, the event organizers, are convinced that Asia is gaining a status of a hotspot for blockchain-enabled energy solutions — this is facilitated by the overall revitalization of activities within the Blockchain field, both on the governmental level and in the startup scene. Besides, Asia is known for its appetite for tackling the renewable energy space, which makes the region a perfect place for blockchain-energy applications.

During Asia Blockchain Week, Blockchain2Energy Asia will make its debut in Singapore; if you want to see the main platform for the Blockchain-powered energy applications and learn from international and local players, learn more about the event and join us on November 27 at Suntec Singapore!

Enhancing Your Experience

BlockShow App

Other awesome and really important news came from our product team. The guys have released a massive update for the BlockShow mobile app; now, it contains every piece of the latest info about BlockShow in general and BlockShow Asia 2018 in particular. Participants, speakers, the schedule — now you can access all of that in one place from your smartphone screen. For your convenience, we’ve also implemented the special tag system, which would allow you to determine the most interesting topics and sessions, as well as the speakers you’d like to hear from.

You can download the app right now on Google Play or AppStore and register using a link which is sent to your email after the ticket purchase. After logging in, you can not only use the app as your electronic ticket while attending BlockShow Asia 2018 but also begin networking with the rest of the participants and attendees, scheduling private meetings in our Networking Zone. Hurry up and give it a try!

However, it’s not only the app that was updated — my teammates also added some new pages to our official website. They gained maximum information bot only about all the events and activities included in Asia Blockchain Week, but also some info about where to stop by during the entire week. Apart from this, you should definitely go and check out the Agenda page — now, less than 2 weeks before the event, it has quite a few things to see!

Three Cheers for the Winners!

BlockShow Winners

Do you remember my very first “Update Journal” post, where I mentioned the startup contestbeing held in the Official BlockShow Telegram Chat? A week ago, we received requests from more than 25 companies from various sectors; a one more week was spent to give each application a review to decide on which will become the best of the best. Finally, we are ready to announce the winner!

It is TrustUnion — a company bringing new opportunities and solutions in the very concept of trust, utilizing the best possibilities the Blockchain technology can give. Now all attendees of BlockShow Asia 2018 will get the chance to meet TrustUnion by their kiosk at the Exhibition Hall, as well as at the VIP preparty which will be held on November 27. Moreover, TrustUnion will be interviewed during the conference, which will allow all of us to know more about such a promising company. Congratulations, guys!

Summing this all up, I’d like to note that such activity is definitely not the last one being held in our official chat. My colleagues really enjoy interacting with our community and are really rich in ideas, so I can safely say that there are even more exciting and fun events awaiting us in the future. So, don’t be sad for missing this one out, and just join our chat which has already brought together nearly 2000 people, united by nothing but the love and excitement for Blockchain!

That’s it for today, guys. Let’s stay in touch for my next update, and you know what? I really think it’s going to be something special — not only because it will actually be the LAST one before Asia Blockchain Week itself, but also because by the next time I’ll already reunite with my teammates in Singapore and be able to personally witness every piece of greatness we are preparing for you. Anyway, let’s just wait and see. Till the next week, and have the best weekend possible!

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