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Update Journal #2: Big Names, Public Votes & A Whole New Meaning of Familiar Things

BlockShow Update 2
BlockShow Update 2

Wow, that was fast! I mean, it’s already been a week since my last post, and — voila! — it’s now time to make another one. On the other hand, what to be surprised about? We all know how it works: during this important and productive period, each week in BlockShow comes for two, especially if we talk about all the things happening within our team. As always, I have quite a lot to tell you, so let’s get started!

Welcome, all the Newly Arrived!

This week was marked by lots of new and fabulous arrivals to BlockShow, coming from different areas. First of all, I’m excited to confirm that the BlockShow speaker line-up was joined by such big names as PwC (Henri Arslanian — FinTech & Crypto Leader, Asia) and Oracle (Mark Smedley — VP, Global Financial Services Industry Solutions). In fact, I’d like to take an opportunity and emphasize the fact that this time our speakers have beaten all the results of both this and the last years. While their number is approaching 90, the lineup itself includes more widely recognized and influential experts than any time before. Way to go, BlockShow!

Apart from this, another great update came from our Media Relations. Another reporter is going to attend BlockShow on November 28 & 29 — this time, from Bitcoin.com, one of our current media partners and simply the platform that needs no introduction. Speaking of media partners, this week we also welcome Tech In Asia, the largest media covering the Asian Tech ecosystem — its trends, events, and startups — in English.

The Panel of the Week

Now we have one! Well, technically, we had one all this time, but only now it has gained this special status.

It all began with a sequence of the facts, which our CEO Addy Crezee has shared with me. It turned out that the increased activity coming from numerous investment funds has been recently acknowledged within the Crypto & Blockchain space.

“This year, despite the drop in the crypto market capitalization, the capital flows from investments for only the first half of 2018 have exceeded total investments made in 2017. This really affects our speakers and partners from Asia: the number of big funds in the Blockchain scene was really low in the past, but now all of them have some really great companies in their portfolios. We can witness a real ecosystem building up around this.”

There’s one more thing about the participating funds. Addy’s also told me that all the investors and fund representatives speaking at upcoming BlockShow Asia 2018 would amount to about 20% of the entire speaker pool. The biggest and the most recognized of them will join the abovementioned Panel of the Week, simply titled “Investments Panel: Exploring Current and Upcoming Trends”; the name speaks for itself — all the current and future trends of the Blockchain investment field will be pointed out and discussed by such companies as FBG Capital, Sora Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Kenetic and JRR Crypto.

Vox Populi

Last week, in the Official BlockShow Telegram Chat, we tried a new kind of activity: community polls focused around the most pressing and simply interesting questions (as we see them) of both Eastern and the global Blockchain ecosystems.

The first question was timed to coincide the Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary. We wanted to find out the community’s Bitcoin price prediction for October 31, 2019. Concurrently, we also asked this question to more than 20 renowned experts in the space; the result was surprising even for us: only 3 experts shared their predictions, while all the rest have abstained from any voting and commenting. This is absolutely understandable, though: the price of Bitcoin has been a matter of great uncertainty lately, so it’s no surprise even world experts are trying not to make any predictions. Nevertheless, most of the experts are staying really positive about the future of the coin.

On the other hand, the community is not afraid of making predictions. 44% have voted for 7-20k as a span for Bitcoin price next year, which makes it the top result.

A new poll, published yesterday, is focused on even more controversial topic: which of the Asian countries (excluding the most obvious options) will more likely to develop crypto-friendliness on both governmental and social levels? If you have your opinion on this, I highly encourage you to join our official chat and give the vote to your country of choice!

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more fantastic news coming very soon, and let me wish an awesome weekend to all of you. Till the next time!