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Ubiquitous & Untiring: What BlockShow Team Did in Europe This Week

Julia Daimio with post card from BlockSHow meetups
Julia Daimio with post card from BlockSHow meetups

The closer BlockShow conference comes, the more interesting life of our team becomes.

While someone is working from home and trying to keep up with the things on a sick leave, others roam around Europe, paving the way for the future BlockShow accomplishments.

Amsterdam for Green Energy

The first one we heard from this week was Vlad, our Sales Manager. His trip to Europe was a real surprise: actually, this was exactly what inspired me to write this piece — especially after I found out Vlad wasn’t the one who’s been travelling at time.

The last time we chatted my colleague was visiting Amsterdam. The main goal of his trip was attending Blockchain2Business conference held by SolarPlaza on February 5–6. By telling me just a bit about this event, he already caught my interest: according to his words, one of the main focuses of Blockchain2Business was such an important (and very close-to-my-mind) topic as Blockchain-powered Renewable Energy Sector.

Vlad himself also seemed to enjoy his time at the conference!

“Everyone knows that Amsterdam is one of the main European centers for Blockchain development, and I have personally witnessed it. It was really exciting to see how fast Blockchain technology is evolving, even in such a complex sector. This city and this conference managed to create a really warm and friendly atmosphere to do all the networking. And you can rest assured to see the most promising projects from that sector at BlockShow 2018!”

Well, apparently this experience was interesting and useful — not only for my teammate, but, in some sense, for BlockShow as a whole; next month we are going to rock Amsterdam with one of our meetups and now we are completely sure we’re doing everything right and cannot wait to visit this beautiful city (and many others) with the enlarged team.

Golden Trio Takes Over Berlin

Meanwhile (as I found out later), something even more interesting was happening in Berlin, where our CEO Addy, his Right Hand Anna and Chief Event Manager Shavrat went for another business trip.

Just like Vlad, they were up to some quality networking. Did they get it? Yes indeed! For instance, guys attended the most recent event organized by Blockchain Meetup Berlin in Innovation Hub @SpaceShack. Apart from that, Shavrat visited the Nakamo.to office; there, she was lucky to meet the company’s team, be surrounded by like-minded people and get inspired on the atmosphere of Crypto-Berlin.

Shavrat and Nakamo.to

– Was this meeting fruitful? We’ll soon find out 🙂

The other, no less significant reason to come to Berlin was choosing a suitable venue for our big future conference which is to be held this spring (stay tuned for more info coming soon!). Addy, Anna and Shavrat must be real superheroes, because I can’t find any other explanation for this insane quickness and productivity which helped our guys to visit so many different spaces, event halls and ballrooms and give each one a thorough look (not mentioning all those photos in our corporate chat)!

“We are trying to embrace the spirit of Berlin; trying to find the place where guests of our conference could get inspired on this cool atmosphere — after all, this city is a Blockchain hub of Europe” — Shavrat explains.

This Saturday our guys are coming back from this small, yet important journey, and though they still have a bit of time left, I think their feeling of this town won’t change. Anna shares her thoughts:

“Berlin is a European capital of Blockchain. Concentration of Blockchain people is enormous. For example, yesterday we ran into Max Kordek, LISK co-founder, in a local shop, and we’re visiting him one of these days. All in all, it’s really easy to get along with the local community. It’s obvious that our next conference should happen here 🙂 For me, it’s a very casual city: it’s comfortable, convenient and full of freedom.”

Summing things up: what have I learned this week? That one can easily meet some significant people from the global Blockchain ecosystem in Berlin; that the weather have been surprisingly cold in Amsterdam last days; also, now I know that all the fancy Blockchain guys in Germany drink mate.

Well, it seems that my choice of drink for this evening is predetermined. See you next week, fellow Blockchainers!