Update Journal, the Finale: Shedding Light on What to Expect Loading...

Update Journal, the Finale: Shedding Light on What to Expect


How time flies! It seems like only yesterday I was working on my very first weekly update journal, and here I am, publishing the fourth one, which, in fact, is only day or two away from the main events of this Fall — Asia Blockchain Week and BlockShow Asia 2018. Now, when we literally are counting hours to those two, I have my last, the most intriguing update, full of juicy details about what is going to happen so soon. So what are we waiting for?

New Events Ahead!

Despite the huge fact that Asia Blockchain Week is closer than ever (just a little reminder — our week of valuable, useful and fun events starts tomorrow, November 27), a couple of new events have still managed to join us this week, getting the diversity of Asia Blockchain Week on a whole new level.

So what are those events, actually? The first one is Crypto Hitchiker’s — MyEtherWallet Meetup; organized by FOMO Media, this event will be held in the form of a community party, during which, among other things, the guests will be presented with a speak peek of new of the multi-functional platform MyEtherWallet. Also, according to the organizers, the meetup is going to be completely crypto-friendly, so prepare your coins to buy everything you want at this event!

Another new Asia Blockchain Week addition has a couple of things in common with the event above: it’s also a meetup, it’s going to fully accept crypto as well, and it shares the same organizer. What’s going to be different?

Well, Crypto Hitchiker’s — Zcoin Meetup will be a special edition of the company’s regular community event. Participants will get a chance to find out how Zcoin’s Blockchain was used in the real-life practical case — to be more specific, during world’s first political primary election in Thailand, which happened recently. Just as the previous one, this meetup will be featured with some great foods, craft beer, and a lot of fun.

Now, when Asia Blockchain Week has been enriched with two more events, the whole thing starts genuinely looking like so much — and it’s so important not to get confused and messed up by this multiplicity of activities. That’s why I suggest you to visit our “Where To Go” page once more just to learn all the details, find out the locations, and simply make sure you’re not missing anything out!

Our Biggest Startup Show

This time, like never before, I realize the importance of revealing as much info about EXP20 as I can — of course, just to make you even more excited! In one of my previous posts, I’ve already mentioned a small part of investment funds which are joining our startup show as the “dragons” or “sharks”, who are to decide on the most promising emerging companies. Now when the investors’ list has been finalized (and includes roughly 20 names — how awesome is that?), I just feel so happy to share this info with you!

Apart from earlier mentioned Sora Ventures, GBIC, Fenbushi Capital, BCI, Blockchain i, BlockAsset & Trive VC, EXP20 will also be joined by the following funds:

  • JRR Crypto
  • LuneX Ventures
  • DYOR Capital
  • Rock Expansion
  • Plutus VC
  • Zenith Ventures
  • ZEOS
  • Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Huobi Labs
  • XSQ
  • QCP Capital
  • Monk’s Hill Ventures

As you can see, the list is indeed impressive! Can you imagine how interesting it will be to watch people from these companies choosing the best ones from the participating startups? Of course, if they choose anyone at all.

By the way, about the startups — I don’t want to spoil the pleasure much, so let me keep the list of pitching companies a secret to be uncovered very soon. Instead, why don’t you take a look at the recent material published by Cointelegraph? It contains many interesting facts about BlockShow and Asia Blockchain Week in general, and EXP20 in particular, as well as some backstory which led us to creating this startup show.

In a Nutshell

However, this doesn’t mean I’m done talking about BlockShow! Now it seems like a perfect time for me to summarize all the results our team have achieved after all the months preparing this conference, so let me take advantage of this opportunity.

Nothing speaks louder than numbers, so let’s pay some attention to those. This November’s BlockShow Asia will bring together more than 100 sponsors and partners — many truly influential and renowned companies of both global and Eastern Blockchain scenes are among them. The conference will be covered by 130+ reporters and representatives of local and international media. Still, this is not all — during both days of BockShow Asia 2018, the audience will hear from over 100 speakers, including such great minds and companies, as Bobby Lee, Dr. Ben Goertzel, Tone Vays, Binance, CoinMarketCap, PwC, EY, and much, much more. Together with all of them, we’ll address the most trending questions of today’s Blockchain sector, as well as hear from Governments, Investors, Regulators and worldwide corporates on harnessing and adopting the Blockchain technology. I hope all of you will be there on November 28–29 to witness this awesomeness!

Freshly printed and just unwrapped

– Freshly printed and just unwrapped 🙂

The last (not the least, though) great thing for today, which I simply cannot miss — a new BlockShow Edition by Cointelegraph, fourth in a row, has finally been released! I could get really nostalgic right now and start remembering all the feelings I had a year ago, when the first BlockShow Edition was out— coincided with BlockShow Asia, too; instead, let me just say that the magazine turned out to be just as cool as the previous ones, full of really great pieces — including those dedicated to the conference itself. It’s not really much time left: at our conference, each one of you will get the opportunity to take a look at this publication, and take this (not so small) exclusive as a souvenir from BlockShow Asia 2018.

Well, now it’s time to say goodbye — or, maybe, “catch up later”? The excitement grows hour by hour, and all we can do right now is to relax and try doing this all as (and more) fabulous as we did before. I can’t stop thinking of you, our community, and the fact that in the next couple of days you will already get the chance to check out the results of all our work and countless efforts. Meanwhile, why don’t you think about BlockShow a bit more, too? For example, check out our Story page, where you can find all the milestones of the BlockShow development — this seems like absolutely right thing to do before we step into the apogee of all our activities.