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SCAM ALERT. Pavel Durov is not giving away BTC & ETH

Pavel Durov Scam Alert
Pavel Durov Scam Alert

A few hours ago Pavel Durov announced the current problems with Telegram server, causing issues for European users.

Just in two hours a fake account pretending to be real Pavel Durov published a tweet with a scammy giveaway, promoting it with bots. Tweet consists of a call to send ETH and BTC claiming to send more in return. Links provided in this tweet address users to ETH and BTC wallets belonging to scammers.

55.3 ETH have already been sent to this wallet which is worth 40k USD approximately.

ETH address


Just in 27 min scammers received almost 1 BTC.

This tweet was made by a verified account, under the same name “Pavel Durov”, but different twitter login. How could it happen?

Pavel Durov on Twitter

ETH and BTC Addresses are constantly changing. Previous BTC address:

BTC Address

Current BTC address:

BTC Address QR

BTC Address Blockchain

Current ETH address:

ETH Address QR

ETH Address Etherscan

There is also another tweet/comment with a different scammy giveaway.

Another Scammer

Ethereum Giveaway

ETH transactions

These are fake transactions to convince users the giveaway is real. You can check the real transactions here:

20.5 ETH have already been collected.

The extent of current damage is around 500k USD*.

*DISCLAIMER. This is our personal investigation. Unfortunately, we have not managed to find out all fake addresses yet. Thus, the damage can be more or less than 500k USD.