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Road Trip MeetUp Journey. 5 Cities, 5 Meetups, 1 ICOscar

BlockShow Road Trip MeetUp Journey
BlockShow Road Trip MeetUp Journey

BlockShow powered by Cointelegraph proudly invites you to the best Blockchain MeetUp Journey ever!

The BlockShow team will be going on a unique road trip through Asia and India looking for the most talented and innovative startups involved with the Blockchain. We have organized a sensational series of five meetups. BlockShow MeetUps are the place to be for the unique and hip startups, investors, business owners, as well Blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiasts. Anyone who has a passion for Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO’s should not miss these events.

We have designed the BlockShow MeetUp to be a friendly Blockchain event, filled with festivities, food, music and most important of all networking. This cool event will help keep up with the ever-changing world of the Blockchain.

Learn the art of Blockshow Meetup networking. We welcome you to socialize, compete and connect in a fun and casual atmosphere with like-minded people.

Why participate?

All these meetups is a chance for your startup dreams to become a reality! BlockShow Asia will have an ICOscar. We are traveling to all these countries to find the most exciting innovative projects, and 6–10 startups that are the most intriguing will be invited to participate in our main event in Singapore Nov. 29–30, 2017. The grand prize will be worth $20,000 and counting. Even more impressing is that Waves and Qtum will be there, sponsoring and supporting the projects, which is remarkable in itself.

Don’t miss your chance to get your pitch and project to us. The winners of our last competition were none other than Bancor and Status! Clearly, the competition has benefited them as they have successfully gathered more than $200 mln through ICO’s. We always choose the best!

If you are simply a Blockchain enthusiast or an investor our BlockShow MeetUp is the perfect choice for you as well. Join us for networking, ICO’s, smart Blockchain talks, great food, music and and an unforgettable after party. Our event will leave you with inspiration, a good mood and simply cannot be missed!

The itinerary

The BlockShow MeetUp adventure will kick off at Kuala Lampur, Singapore on Sept. 8, 2017, at The Row KL. Then the team will travel to Shanghai China, Sept. 17, 2017, at Naked [email protected] Lu, followed by Hong Kong, China, Sept. 22, 2017, where you can find us at ESPACE. After the round in China, the next stop will be Singapore on Sept. 28, 2017, at the world’s largest fintech hub Lattice80. The last but not least destination will be in New Delhi India around Oct. 5–6, 2017.

Our partners

We are extremely fortunate to introduce you to our quality partners all over the globe.

In Hong Kong we have received plenty of support from our close partners Blockchain Startups Hong Kong, which is a meetup group for Blockchain startups, entrepreneurs and investors, as well as Bitcoin HKInvest HK have been remarkable sponsors providing us with great insight on the fintech hub and potential of the industry.

In Shanghai we are also working with YOYOW a Blockchain-based social media platform, Energy Blockchain Labs, a green financial service platform based on the Blockchain and Metaverse. Working with them has given us a real insight into the Blockchain world in China.

In Singapore and Malaysia we have been closely working with our partner Access. Access promotes and protects the use and development of digital currencies and Blockchain technologies. Their unique expertise in Singapore has added valuable insider knowledge, enhancing the education and open dialogue spirit of our conference. Additionally, we have the pleasure of partnering with Ethereum Singapore and Blockchain startups Singapore.

In Kuala Lumpur our co-organizer BloxTex has been empowering the Blockchain community already. Their experience in hosting previous conferences on the Blockchain technology has made it a pleasure to work with them as we have a similar mindset strive to bring bring the Blockchain revolution to Asia. Access Malaysia have also been working closely with us to organize this meetup. Us coming together provides as much insight into the top trends from top industry players in the Blockchain world and should not be missed!

Lastly in India our meetup is co-organized together with Everything Bitcoin, who love everything Bitcoin and Blockchain as much as we do!

Needless to say we are excited and grateful to work with all these amazing partners and of course our sponsors WavesQtum who have generously helped with all the meetups. Together we will bring you the best of the best, keeping you updated with the Blockchain revolution.

Why these countries?

No matter what meetup you join us on all the countries we will visit have a remarkable chance for getting involved in the Blockchain,

We will be traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as there is potential for a huge Blockchain boom there. Our co-organizers for this event Bloktex Sdn Bhd who have a Blockchain initiative backed by the Malaysian government and the United Nations are eager to spearhead a decisive step forward for Blockchain implementation in Malaysia. They are as excited as us to see the talented startups provide their unique ideas and excel Blockchain in Malaysia. Together and possibly with your help, we can revolutionize the Blockchain industry in Malaysia.

Shanghai is the place to be as China has been a major influencer in the Bitcoin industry being the destination where Bitcoin gained popularity. We are also inspired by Shanghai because it aims to be the leader of Blockchain research and regulation. If you have grand ideas for Blockchain innovation or want to find out more about how you can impact the financial industry, the legal community in Shanghai, you cannot miss this event!

We believe Hong Kong is an ideal location for the MeetUp as China already has 20 Bitcoin companies with 800,000 users consisting of around 70 percent the global trading volume. Needless to say, we are not alone in our thinking for Hong Kong being the place to be. Charles d’Haussy, the Head of Fintech at Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) was in line with our beliefs:

“Hong Kong has all the ingredients to be the global and regional fintech hub. It is one of the international financial centers, the freest economy, rule of law, large talent pool, a strong legacy of trade and work ethic.”

Singapore is the Blockchain startup community that is very promising. The country already features some of the most interesting Blockchain startups that have made a significant impact in the Blockchain world. If you have a startup that can make the world easier or save the world through the Blockchain, Singapore is the place for you to bring your ideas. Meeting us in Singapore will allow you to find the support you need to launch your startup, it is one of the gems of the global financial industries, innovations and technology that will bring your brilliant idea to life. You cannot miss our MeetUp there!

Lastly, India has shown a remarkable rise for Blockchain tech globally. The margin of 40 percent growth in demand has led India to emerge as a leading talent pool of Blockchain talent. In fact, 56 percent of companies that were surveyed by PwC stated that Blockchain is a key feature of their innovative strategy. Harmeet Singh Monga, chief business officer at BlockSmiths, wrote in a statement:

“We strongly believe that India has the potential to lead the Blockchain revolution in the South East Asian region and help businesses from various industries become highly streamlined and efficient by adopting Blockchain.”

The BlockShow team agrees, and we are excited to come to India as we believe that Blockchain technology is the coolest thing in Indian finance.