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Singapore November 14-15

Meet the Speakers! BlockShow Reveals Fresh Batch of Speakers, Notable Names Among Them

BlockShow Asia 2019 Singapore Speakers
BlockShow Asia 2019 Singapore Speakers

How is it going, friends?

We hope you’re having an amazing week so far, because we definitely do! While counting the days till BlockShow Asia 2019 – can you believe there’s less than 80 left? – we come up with more awesome news to share. Today, we are excited to introduce new industry leaders that have recently joined BlockShow Asia 2019, so without further ado, let’s begin!

Da Hongfei

Da Hongfei

Crypto-Icon? A notable figure of the Asian Blockchain space? A big opinion leader? It’s all about Da Hongfei, co-founder of NEO (ex-AntShares), CEO of NGD (NEO Global Development) and the Founder/CEO of Onchain. Both companies have been founded in 2014 after Hongfei left his 8-year CEO position at Shanghai-based IntPass Consulting. Despite the fact that Hongfei has first found out about Crypto in 2011, he wasn’t so eager to jump on that Hype Train right away; back then, China’s (pretty much as the global) Crypto industry was still in its embryonic stage, and there was almost no community around it. Instead, Hongfei took his time to estimate all the subtleties and pitfalls hiding behind these new technologies, both in societal and methodological aspects.

By 2014, he was there, already prepared to become a pioneer, having taught himself to code, he soon managed to become one of the key figures standing in the vanguard of China’s Crypto & Blockchain adoption, making increasingly more efforts and encouraging more and more people to join this growing field. That brings us to the current state of affairs when Da Hongfei never slows down in his professional activities.

“It depends on how you define 2020, by the beginning of the end, but at most it’s two years. Time is ticking, so how can we achieve that? What is the number one blockchain? It’s not the most expensive or biggest, it’s to become the most favorable platform by providing best performance, diversified ecosystem and compliant solutions.”

Larry Sanger

Dr. Larry Sanger

Being always interested in the potential the Internet holds for education, Dr. Sanger was inspired by this when he joined the Nupedia project back in 2000. In 2005, 4 years after the Nupedia basics continued within Wikipedia, he was recruited to join the Digital Universe Foundation as a Director of Collaborative Projects; at this position, he has been working hard on designing the broad policies and operations of the Encyclopedia of the Earth, and was also busy in several other projects.

Another important milestone in Dr. Sanger’s career was reached in 2017: it was announced that he became a CIO of Everpedia, an open encyclopedia contributed by many different editors using the Blockchain technology.

An active advocate for decentralization, in July 2019 Dr. Sanger has publically appealed for boycotting social media in order to persuade them to get decentralized from the top-level management to assert control over user data and privacy. All the major points of that initiative were set out in the Declaration, also urging social media to transform into the systems putting freedom of speech and privacy rights at the forefront. Dr. Sanger said:

“We’re going to flex our collective muscles and demand that giant, manipulative corporations give us back control over our data, privacy, and user experience.” 

Samson Mow

Samson Mow

Here we have, without exaggeration, a true veteran of the video game industry. Even if you consider yourself to be far from gaming, you still would be familiar with at least one title or brand Samson has been working on.

With a background in SaaS, a Canadian video game developer used to work in Relic Entertainment in the past, where he was responsible for in-game balance; Company of Heroes, Dawn of War – both of those renowned AAA-titles have gone through his hands. Later on, there was one of the most significant stages of Mow’s career as a director of the production and executive producer at Ubisoft, where his duties have been revolving around web, social and mobile games; he was the exact person to lead the development and cross-platform adaptation of such games as “Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms,” “Castle & Co,” and super popular “Smurfs & Co.”

After that, Pixelmatic, Samson’s own company, has been founded with the aim “to create engaging games that are truly social, and encourage new connections to be made”. Keeping developing this project, in 2015 Mow became a part of the Chinese giant BTCC as a COO, overseeing day-to-day company operations and directly managing the exchange and mining pool business units. Finally, in 2017 became a year when Samson joined Blockstream, one of the major global Bitcoin & Blockchain service providers as a CSO. Today, Samson is known as an outspoken advocate for the importance of decentralization and security prioritization, and his reach gaming experience still makes him a welcomed expert at many industrial events.

Still, that’s not all…

Of course, three of those are not the only speakers we’d like to introduce today. With almost a hundred speakers that have joined BlockShow Asia to date, today we’re introducing you to the small batch of our experts.

Justin Wu

Justin Wu, Founder at CoinState

A serial entrepreneur and simply the notable figure in Blockchain ecosystem, Justin is renowned for founding CoinState, a company providing blockchain startups with strategic advisory and hands-on marketing support during and after the token sale process. Apart from that, Justin also acted as a Marketing Lead for over 15 Blockchain companies and collaborated with Wall St. Journal, NASA, NASDAQ and more.

Jon Jordan

Jon Jordan, Director of Communications at DappRadar

For over 2 decades now, Jon has been writing, consulting, and presenting about the global gaming industry. As an Editor-at-Large at BlockchainGamerBiz, and Advisory Board member at B2Expand, he actively advocates for the use of Blockchain in gaming.

Cindy Leow

Cindy Leow, Principal at 256 Ventures

Before entering Crypto, Cindy has already gained a rich background in VC and Investment Research. After joining Virgil Capital and 256 Ventures, her expertise lies in analyzing and leading key deals in digital asset investments.

Sunny Lu

Sunny Lu, Co-founder & CEO at Vechain

With more than 15 years of management and Tech background in Computers, Networks, and Communications, today Sunny successfully leads the team and company operations at Vechain, inspired by his strong belief that Blockchain will make the world different again.

Manon Burgel


Entering the Crypto in 2016, Manon has launched a Blockchain-based game Beyond the Void, which became the first project to hold an ICO in France. Today Manon keeps advocating for Blockchain, gaming, and creative arts through taking positions as the co-founder and President of Blockchain Game Alliance.

Daniel Doll-Steinberg

Daniel Doll-Steinberg, Co-Founder of Atari Token

Such a giant as Atari has already earned its place in the history of gaming. To help the legendary company to keep up with the latest innovations, Daniel leads the Atari Token project believing that Atari is to become the name in the Blockchain-based decentralized Gaming.

Michael Gu

Michael Gu, Creator & Host of the Boxmining YouTube Channel

One of the most popular Crypto & Blockchain educators, Michael manages to create News and Discussions on a daily basis. Top-notch level of his expertise has already attracted over 190K subscribers and 13M views to his Youtube channel.

Artem Koltsov

Artem Koltsov, Head of Expert council on digital economics and Blockchain, Parliament of Russian Federation

Passionate about where Blockchain leads the world, Artem took advantage of his 10-year digital expertise to start his own project titled Casper AI, as well as to advise the Russian government on the Blockchain adoption.

Impressive? Definitely. As you can see, all of the listed speakers are representing completely different sectors of the Blockchain ecosystem, so what conferences will they participate in, and what topics will be revealed? Well, this is a subject for the whole different blog post, which will be there sooner than you think – so stay tuned for more!