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How Practice Makes Perfect: BlockShow Reflects on Experience Gained through Years

BlockShow Highlights
BlockShow Highlights

Another year of BlockShow existence comes to an end; through the years, the event has been constantly changing, bringing something new to its every edition. This November, however, everything is going to change dramatically; from a format of the two-day conference (like those that have been held in Berlin, Las Vegas and Singapore last year) BlockShow Asia 2019 will become a Festival of Decentralized Technology, comprising 10 conferences and a bunch of side events.

Despite this drastic change in format and structure, this time we are going to save and multiply everything all the great things our events already have. So, what are those features that are considered the major BlockShow advantages?

Focusing on many things in parallel, the BlockShow team doesn’t ever forget about the comfort of guests and participants – and for it to begin from the very entrance. The event logistics thoroughly worked out months before the event itself, are designed to – among other things – make the check-in process as easy and fast as possible, with our team members always ready to help guests with any questions and issues.

From the very day, BlockShow was founded, we had a strong emphasis on networking – and we stick to this the present day, fulfilling all the necessary conditions to make effective and comfortable networking experience possible at our events. In these 2 years, we have been experimenting with different tools and approaches, and have always reached our goal: whether our attendees want to meet like-minded people or forge new valuable connections, all BlockShow events always have and always will provide them with a bunch of great networking opportunities.

Of course, apart from networking, any event should provide some high-class content, as well as experts to present this content in its best form from the stage. That’s why BlockShow speakers are not just specialists traveling from event to event; there are absolutely no random people at our speaker lineup. All our experts are thoroughly selected industry leaders, who have made their contribution to the world’s technological and even cultural development. From Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia co-founder, to Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance – we take the best ones from the global industries!

What’s more than that, BlockShow also takes the best from the world’s cultural multiplicity, celebrating diversity with our every event. The global Decentralized Tech ecosystem doesn’t see any difference between races, confessions, or genders – and we stay true to it, providing everyone with equal opportunities to share their knowledge, and get visibility and experience.

All those speakers, all those industry leaders, and institution representatives are gathering at BlockShow year by year with one major goal – to make it possible for our audience to meet them face-to-face, receive some valuable advice, and even get personal recommendations from them.

However, there is always more than just experts – BlockShow is also about the technology (and has always been this way). Our every event is also a chance to witness the latest innovations firsthand, and even ask questions to some of them. Yes, you got us right! One of the highlights of last year’s BlockShow Asia was Dr. Ben Goertzel, the Founder and CEO of SingularityNET, who spoke from the stage along with his android friend Albert Einstein – and they were even taking part in a Q&A session together!

Besides the abovementioned, BlockShow still has something more – this is a place where dreams come true. Our traditional feature, the Startup Competition (ICOscars, EXP20 – yep, it has quite a history behind it), allows companies and entrepreneurs to get visibility and attention not only across the Blockchain ecosystem but also among the global Investors and VCs community. Since 2017, BlockShow became a starting ground for such companies as Bancor, Status, Electrify.Asia, HealthDex, and Diro. Those are success stories that can actually tell something: those companies have raised over $1B in total throughout past BlockShow conferences.

Comprising all those valuable features, BlockShow also strives to shift from being just a regular business event. In order not to be boring, the event has become a platform for many different things, and one of those is… art. At our “Art of Blockchain” gallery which took place during BlockShow Asia 2018, many people had a chance to not only enjoy some fine arts but also witness how art is being born.

Doing business, having fun – after all, even a pleasant activity can become a bit overwhelming. That’s why every BlockShow event provides a space for every guest to get comfortable, take a break and share their personal takeaways with friends and fellows.

Since we mentioned having some rest and relaxing at BlockShow, we simply cannot fail to mention another BlockShow element – the parties. Known for classiness and cheerful atmosphere, BlockShow parties are designed to be a perfect occasion for both business networking and relaxed conversations, being held in cities’ best locations.

Within 2 years of BlockShow existence, our conferences and meetups have been visited by thousands of people – and roughly 3000 more will visit BlockShow Asia 2019 this November. In this article, we outlined many features that our team is working on month by month; however, at the end of the day, it all serves a single purpose – to make sure each one of our attendees would get what they came for, whether it’s knowledge, interesting experience, or new connections.

You can find more information on BlockShow and the upcoming Festival of Decentralized Technology, as well as see even more pictures from our past events at our Media Kit page.