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Singapore November 14-15

First Agenda Topics and Stellar Leadership Arrivals: The Latest BlockShow Update is Revealed

BlockShow Asia 2019 Agenda
BlockShow Asia 2019 Agenda

How is it going, friends?

In our recent blog we promised to meet you here again very soon with a whole bunch of awesome news and updates – well, here we are! Today, we really have something that would follow up our previous announcements just perfectly, so without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Blockchain celebrities keep Coming

Okay, so let’s start with celebrating our latest industry leader arrivals. First and foremost, we are happy to announce that Mr. Thomas Lee, Managing Partners and the Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors is making his BlockShow comeback this November! A Wall Street analyst with over 25 years of equity research expertise, Mr. Lee has been performing at our event in the past; in November 2018, he has already been here to make his appearance at BlockShow Asia and talk about that year’s state of Crypto Market and the future of Blockchain. What is he going to talk about this time? Well, we let in remain a mystery for a while, though something tells me that you will find this out very soon!

Some other great news have been brought to us by our PR guys: Wall Street Journal has joined BlockShow as a media partner! WSJ barely needs any introduction – being published since 1889 by Dow Jones & Company, today the newspaper is one of the most credible publications globally. Welcome on board!

Finally, there is also someone we’ve been waiting to announce for too long – and now we are ready to introduce you to probably the most unusual and unique BlockShow participant ever!

Meet Lil Bubble, a popular YouTube personality, singer and songwriter. A HODLing spaceman, he arrived right from the Moon especially to provide his market commentary in the form of music parody, as well as to give a piece of advice to all the Crypto newbies across the Milky Way – and, apparently, he decided to drop by our Festival along his journey! At the stage of BlockShow, Lil Bubble will perform his most viral hit song, “All Time Lows.”

Here Comes the Agenda!

In the past several months, our team has done a great deal of work to redraft the concept of our Festival agenda and fill BlockShow Asia 2019 with the best topics possible – so what exactly has changed, and why? Addy Crezee, CEO BlockShow, explains:

“This time, for BlockShow Asia 2019, our approach to forming the agenda is completely different: we enlisted the support of our partners to get the best we can possibly get from their professional expertise. Apart from that, our focus itself has changed: we no more strive to discuss some general topics,  shifting the emphasis to the most pressing problems appearing in different sectors of the global Blockchain ecosystem. Now, one of our main goals is to find solutions to those problems, something that is being done here and now.”

So what should be expected? With 2 days of the Festival and 2 stages filled with completely different content, we can already tell there will be so much going on at BlockShow Asia 2019, so let us just bring some structure to it.

The way we see it, the first stage at the first day of BlockShow Asia 2019 will bring together the geekiest conferences BlockShow has to offer. What’s in stock for our attendees? There’s definitely a lot! BlockShow Development Conference, for example, will gather all the Crypto Techies to discuss major topics, among which, inter alia, Scalability Developments, and this year’s state of the Decentralized Web will take place. Then, with no activity falloff, BlockShow AI Conference will burst in, providing insights on many various aspects of the AI space in 2019. Last, but definitely not the least, something really fun to wrap up that day, BlockShow Games & dApps conference will gather Triple-A videogame studios on adopting Blockchain, while Blockchain-based companies will share their thoughts on bringing their games to end-users.

At this very moment, what will be happening at the second stage? Just don’t get the wrong idea, because the second stage won’t be the second most important, and the topic selection will have its own gems. Thus, BlockShow BaaS Conference will be here to reveal the latest solutions and developments in sectors like Energy, Retail and Supply Chains, as well as to outline all the main points of the corporates’ work within the decentralized ecosystem. Next one will be the Privacy & Security Сonference, and here we are trying to make the theme focus equally valuable for every attendee – that’s exactly why our topics will not only tell about fulfilling the security gaps for Crypto & Blockchain, but also provide a solid piece of advice for personal Cybersecurity. Finally, there will also be BlockShow Marketing and PR Conference, full of important recommendations on, for example, how to pitch the project to the Press or do the overall Product Marketing for your company.

As for the Day 2 of our Festival of Decentralized Technologies, we noticed both stages to be focused on some institutional, almost fundamental aspects, which form the basis of the whole global Blockchain ecosystem both then and now. The first stage will represent the whole theme cluster revolving around Finance in one form or another; BlockShow DeFi Conference, among other things, will tell us whether we are even progressing in the Stablecoin field, and how DeFi would help the industry reach the unbanked over the globe. Even more financial topics will be presented during BlockShow Trading Conference, the major goal of which is to to finally set the Standards of Crypto Trading and encourage the institutions to step into the field.

Of course, there is another one huge ecosystem topic which by no means should be ignored: Regulations; the respective conference, fully dedicated to Blockchain Law and Jurisdictions, will raise such topics as Blockchain Sandboxes across Asian countries, and if there is a need in Policing the Crypto Laws.

What also deserves special attention is the second stage, because on Day 2 it will be fully focused on what probably interesting for the absolute majority of BlockShow attendees – Investments. Here, something more than just a conference is being prepared for you to experience; well, of course the conference itself will also be a huge part of the whole thing! For instance, it will include Investor Round Table, or a session dedicated to this year’s global investment results, but the truly exciting part will start a bit later.

Do you remember that not a single BlockShow conference goes without the startup competition? The upcoming event will be no exception – our team has already aired the first episode of Crypto Busters, a video to coincide with the same-titled Blockchain project contest. As always, the stakes are going to be high this time – the participating companies will either receive the investors’ acclaim along with many other benefits, or leave empty-handed to work on their mistakes. The Grand Finale of Crypto Busters will be held on November 15, at the stage of BlockShow Asia 2019, and believe us, it will be just as epic as it has always been.

Looking ahead and reflecting on the whole agenda formation process, Addy Crezee points out:

“In all these months left, we will keep watching the market thoroughly to define some additional topics we could possibly cover within our conferences, new problems waiting to be resolved – or maybe some of them will be actually resolved by that time? What you see now is just a generalized list of conferences and theme tracks, as well as what is going to be discussed within each one.”

I guess this means all we have to do now is wait to witness everything firsthand. Work within the BlockShow team doesn’t stop for an hour, with amendments and updates constantly happening here and there, so very soon we will be able to see new full-scale Festival agenda, greater than we ever had.