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Exploring Blockchain Innovations: How Neo Ecosystem Met The Renewed BlockShow Asia Exhibition

How Neo Ecosystem Met The Renewed BlockShow Asia Exhibition
How Neo Ecosystem Met The Renewed BlockShow Asia Exhibition

Almost 4 weeks have passed since the major part of BlockShow Asia 2019 – the Festival of Decentralized Technology itself – was held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The event has turned out to be special for many reasons, also being the first edition of BlockShow to represent the new format of the whole thing; among other inner elements – such as Agenda, for instance – the changes have affected the Exhibition hall.

This November, BlockShow has tried out a new exhibition structure, having partly separated the space into the special zones; apart from the fact some zones were united by certain themes, several of those were also represented by Blockchain projects and companies, with Neo, an open-source community-driven smart economy platform, among them.

“At BlockShow Asia this year, we wanted to bring a multi-dimensional, immersive experience of the Neo ecosystem to the community. We have set up a special booth – Neo Zone, designed to showcase 8 projects within the Neo ecosystem throughout the 2-day event. Event attendees could explore around, have some hands-on, and a face-to-face with various project leaders. With the professional help from BlockShow’s team, we also successfully hosted NeoFest – a meetup session where 8 projects showcased the real-world application of cutting-edge blockchain innovations to hundreds of community members.”

– Adam Yang, the NGD Shanghai marketing department

So, what are those projects? This year, Neo brought together 8 different companies and startups from within its ecosystem.


Built on top of the Neo Blockchain, this racing car development game represents the 3rd generation of Blockchain-based gaming. With over one million combinations, including DIY cool refit, instance, racing, guessing and other systems, CryptoFast strives to be a perfect combination of Blockchain-based Gaming and DeFi, leaving the system for players to lead and letting them operate the system for profit.

Onchain Custodian

Based in Singapore, Onchain Custodian is a platform offering globally standardized custody service allowing to manage institutional digital asset investments in a secure and compliant environment. It doesn’t really matter what the future holds for the ecosystem: the company’s solution is built with the flexibility to meet the possible futures of crypto custody. Today, Onchain Custodian is on a mission to build the global standard for digital asset custody.


Invested by many companies, OnTrade has complete trading, settlement, and risk control system. As the Generation 4 Crypto exchange, OnTrade launched the BNB index, a daily-settled futures contract, and a BTC volatility index contract. Aiming to support trading with a single one engine for risk, settlement, and trading, the company strives to build institutional-level trading experience for both retail and individuals.


Coming from the traditional gold sector, Novem Gold is disrupting the industry by making gold accessible to everyone through tokenizing it. With the goal to fight fraud, deception, and lack of trust, Novem Gold issues two tokens: the NNN token, fully backed by real physical gold, and NVM, a utility token offering various discounts on the product portfolio.


Liquefy’s founding members come from finance, technology, and law, with positions at BlackRock, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and more. Led by the founders’ belief in the potential of Blockchain, Liquefy is a platform allowing to digitally issue, transfer, and record the securities ownership backed by illiquid assets: real estate, sports teams, or even rare collectibles.

Guardian Circle

Guardian Circle is a Community Emergency Response network allowing friends, family, and nearby citizens to help one another in emergencies. The company has built an app supporting private and public alerts, as well as multiple simultaneous Alerts, which can be useful in mass emergencies. Keeping the users’ locations private, the app allows them to always be in control of who can get alerts and send them.


Higgs Network is a hybrid liquidity and Tech network for dApps that includes 3 different parts to support dApps. The first one, HiggSwap, is a decentralized trading/exchange platform and the bridge connecting public chains and dApps. Another tool, HiggsTraffic, is a platform that offers traffic import supporting e-service, games, ads, and more application scenarios. Finally, HiggsBridge is a blockchain service platform supporting the dApp migration of smart contracts.

Switcheo Network

Being the first Crypto exchange built on top of the Neo Blockchain, Switcheo is focused on building an open financial network where users are able to trade freely and securely with one another, paving the way for a trustless and secure multi-chain trading experience with the highest security standards and features.

Has this year’s exhibition format become successful? Now, looking back at BlockShow Asia 2019 after roughly a month, we can safely say that this experiment turned out to be at least really useful for both projects to rally behind something they share, and attendees – to make their navigation easier and allow them to see and try out even more solutions. Even though there’s not really much information about BlockShow 2020 yet, we definitely can expect the Exhibition Zones to return next year.