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Cypherpunks, YouTubers, and Even More Industry Leaders are Joining BlockShow Asia 2019

Another week has passed for the BlockShow team, not only marking the nearing of BlockShow Asia 2019, our Festival of Decentralized Technology but also bringing a fresh batch of global industry leaders to our conferences’ speaker lineup. As always, you can see the full roster of the BlockShow speakers right here on our website; meanwhile, let us introduce this week’s key speaker arrivals.

David Chaum BlockShow Speaker

David Chaum

How about meeting a true cryptography and digital money pioneer, or simply a “Crypto Forefather”? Well, at BlockShow Asia 2019 you’ll have such a chance – let us introduce David Chaum, a computer scientist, whose contribution to the industry is immeasurable.

In 1982, when David got his Ph.D. in Computer Science, he also did a couple of things that have subsequently had a big impact on the ecosystem. Apart from founding the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), that exact year he published his dissertation titled “Computer Systems Established, Maintained, and Trusted by Mutually Suspicious Groups,” which was credited by the industry representatives to propose every element of the Bitcoin Blockchain except proof of work.

Another important milestone was reached in 1990 when David founded an electronic cash company DigiCash that created the first digital currency eCash 5 years later. By that time, Chaum’s scientific heritage has become a basis for many further global innovations, and his ideas have laid the basis for the Cypherpunk movement.

Today, David leads Elixxir, a Blockchain-based transaction platform that builds a privacy-protecting network supporting messaging, payments and dApp data transfer.

Nicholas Merten BlockShow Speaker


You must be familiar with the DataDash YouTube channel, right? We have some great news for you – the channel’s creator and host Nicholas Merten is going to make his appearance at our upcoming Blockchain event.

Nicholas’ thought leadership and analytic skills in the space have attracted over 315K subscribers to his channel, where he utilizes his almost a decade of experience in traditional markets to understand the potential of Crypto. As a skeptic of modern finance, outside his channel, he is also working on startups aiming to fix many of the key issues of the financial world and make Crypto mainstream.

Vinay Mohan BlockShow Speaker

Vinay Mohan

Management consultant with over 15 years’ advisory and project delivery experience, Vinay worked with KPMG and Oracle across Europe, India, Singapore, and the Middle East in the past. Today he leads ConsenSys’ operations and growth in the region, where he works closely with Government and corporate stakeholders and ecosystem partners to further the understanding and adoption of mainstream blockchain technology.

Kyle Davies BlockShow Speaker

Kyle Davies

Having been served as a derivatives trader at Credit Suisse in Hong Kong, in 2012 Kyle left the position to become a Co-Founder and Chairman of Three Arrows Capital, a Singapore-based hedge fund trading FX, derivatives, and cryptocurrencies on over 50 venues globally.

Andrea Сanidio BlockShow Speaker

Andrea Сanidio

An economist and game theory expert, Andrea Canidio teaches at INSEAD and IMT School for advanced studies. His main expertise is the “corporate finance” of tokens: how tokens designed to generate incentives among protocol participants can also be used to align the “off-protocol” behavior of investors, founders, and developers.

Marina Khaustova BlockShow Speaker

Marina Khaustova

Marina Khaustova joined Bitfury’s Crystal, a web-based software tool for financial institutions, with over a decade of a background in developing global online services and digital marketing strategies. Prior to it, she was a CMO and co-founder of Element Capital Group, a digital investment bank and asset manager for the emerging tokenized and Crypto capital markets. Back then, she developed the go-to-market strategy for US blockchain companies, serving as an advisor for fundraising processes.