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Changpeng Zhao Steps Up as a BlockShow Speaker, With Ubisoft, JRR, Nikkei and More Joining Him this November

BlockShow Speakers Update
BlockShow Speakers Update

How is it going, friends?

BlockShow Asia 2019 is just around the corner, and it’s just about time for things to get really intense! Why our team members start to leave off to Singapore to finish the preparations right on the spot, the speaker flow is yet to subside. During the past week, BlockShow was joined by such a solid bunch of industry leaders it seriously might become one of our biggest and richest updates. We really want to tell you a thing or two about each one of them, so let’s just dig right in!

Changpeng Zhao

Without any doubt, welcoming famous CZ on board has become one of the greatest additions to our upcoming Festival of Decentralized Technology. He is one of those people whose contribution in the industry development is so huge we really don’t have to mention it – however, we will tell you about some of his greatest accomplishments.

His career kicked off at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where CZ was developing trading software right after his college graduation. Keeping up working within the Trading field, in 2005 he founded Shanghai-based Fusion Systems, later known among “some of the fastest high-frequency trading systems for brokers”.

The most important time of his career – the Crypto era – has started in 2013. Since then, Mr. Zhao worked with various projects including some really prominent ones like OKCoin and Blockchain.info. In 2017 he launched Binance through a $15M ICO, making it the world’s largest Crypto exchange by trading volume in less than 8 months.

However, let’s not forget that Binance is not just exchange, event if it’s the major one globally. In his interviews, CZ has repeatedly outlined that, despite its status, the company has so much more to offer: Launchpad, Research, Academy, and Charity. Being in charge of such things as education, fundraising, startup support, and more, all of those Binance divisions contribute to the global Blockchain development through a whole variety of ways.

Clement Ip

Being currently involved in Genesis Block’s business development and partnerships, Clement works closely with academics, digital asset funds, Blockchain startup projects and opinion leaders to grow and engage the community together. A well-respected leader of the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific digital asset community, Clement has a substantial role in advancing Genesis Block’s profile in the market as a highly sought-after speaker in global events.

Yat Siu

Yat began his career at Atari Germany in 1990, and stayed at this position for 5 years. In 1998, he set up Outblaze, a pioneer of multilingual white label web services, and sold the company’s services business to IBM in 2009, pivoting Outblaze to become a conglomerate specializing on cloud, AI, Blockchain, and Mobile.

Yat is a director for TurnOut Ventures, a partnership between Outblaze and Turner Entertainment, and the founder of ThinkBlaze, the research arm of Outblaze focused on the social perspective of the technology.

Nicolas Poulard

Having been earlier managing projects focused on game world building, system design and AR, today Nicolas leads the Blockchain Initiative in the framework Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab. His background in Philosophy led him to become one of the company’s brains exploring how new promising technologies; this allowed Nicolas to learn about Blockchain, as well as take an interest in all the possibilities Blockchain could bring to Gaming.

Since then, Nicolas has led several initiatives on the junction of Gaming and Blockchain. Finally, in 2018, as a Ubisoft representative, Nicolas became one of the founding members of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

There’s even more to it: very soon, right at our Festival of Decentralized Technology, you will have an opportunity to meet such industry leaders as:

Mike Cowans

Having been worked with companies like IBM, Fiserv, and Ripple in in the past, today Mike takes advantage of his knowledge of APAC to lead CipherTrace’s efforts in the region.

Nikola Pavesic

With a special focus on public-private partnerships in Tech, Regulatory solutions, and Policy implementations, Nikola is currently leading startup, VC, and corporate partnerships for Nikkei, the world’s largest business media publisher.

Toby Hoenisch

Since 2015, Toby (alongside TenX co-founder Paul Kittiwongsunthorn) has built and scaled one of the Top-10 global ICO-funded companies. Meanwhile, he also pursues a personal aim to bust the fear, uncertainty, and doubt around Crypto.

Sang Lee

After advising and executing more than $10B of the investment banking transactions for BNP Paribas, today Sang Lee is focused on utilizing FinTech solutions acting as a President and CEO of DarcMatter and Konstellation, the company’s Blockchain-focused division.

Yama Zhang

Prior to the current position, Yama has been actively involved in AdTech and Blockchain across Europe and Asia. Today, Yama is the Global Head of Strategy and Partnerships at BabelFinance, China-based Crypto loans and deposit services provider.

James Wo

Running Digital Finance Group since 2015, James proved to have a talent in both primary and secondary markets, while overseeing over $500M AUM to date with a VC portfolio including companies like Brave, LedgerX, Circle and more.

Jasper Lee

Jasper’s 10+ years in Fintech and Trading has included working at FXCM and CFD Trading. His current project eToro is a social trading and investment platform bringing together 9M users with expertise in everything from traditional asset investing to cryptocurrencies.

Alvaro Fernandez

With his 3-years-long engagement in the Blockchain and Fintech sectors, today Alvaro is a VP and Managing director of Europe at JRR, being also indorsed with ALLDEX, a Crypto derivatives platform, as a Europe Director.

That’s it for today! Excited? Well, you definitely should be. It’s just about the right time to start counting days till BlockShow Asia 2019, sync your to-do lists, and we’ll see you next week!