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“I Encourage You to Join Us”: BlockShow CEO Talks about the Event

“I Encourage You to Join Us”: BlockShow CEO Talks about the Event, its Transformation, and why This Year’s Announcement is Twice as Remarkable
“I Encourage You to Join Us”: BlockShow CEO Talks about the Event, its Transformation, and why This Year’s Announcement is Twice as Remarkable

So, yesterday marked another BlockShow’s big milestone: we’ve officially revealed BlockShow Asia 2019, our next conference which will be held on November 14–15 in Singapore. Numerous releases published online are there to tell you all the basic details about the essence of our upcoming event: several thousand like-minded people will gather under the roof of Marina Bay Sands Expo, together with hundreds of high-class international speakers and companies; two exciting days filled with insights and knowledge, networking and partying, value and fun. Can’t wait for it!

Today, since I have a chance to do it, I’d like to express my own point of view on everything BlockShow does for the third year straight already. It seems really interesting to me to look back at the retrospective of our event, while we’ve just passed another frontier. The world first heard about BlockShow in the ‘Munich 2017’ era; about 20 events have been held since then, but for me, this whole story began significantly earlier. Seems like we’ve already published a great piece about the history of BlockShow, so today I better focus on the most interesting part: how the concept of our event was changing in time.

It was 2016 when I came up with the idea of creating a place for everyone to learn about the Blockchain technology; a place where I, together with some great experts, could demonstrate how widely it can be used in various industries and business processes. It was the time of growing hype when everyone has already heard about Blockchain but didn’t know much about it yet. This was the concept which my team and I have carried through our first three conferences in Helsinki, Munich, and Singapore.

In 2018, BlockShow became not only an educational event but gained the status of an offline platform for the existing Blockchain specialists and companies to do anything they might need, like demonstrate their achievements, raise funds, get new connections, and much more. Our next three big conferences In Berlin, Vegas, and Singapore, as well as the series of smaller meetups around the world, were led by this idea.

And now, it’s 2019: what’s ahead? BlockShow Asia 2019 is going to be not only a platform for the Blockchain community with all the respective features; with the industry growing before our eyes, the conference is to be transformed into the whole festival of decentralized technologies and ventures, the major place for this industry and its players to announce their innovations and accomplishments, to find partners and clients, to exchange knowledge, expertise, and opinions. We are already there, and we are going to refine this concept, to make it perfect.

You see, my point is that we live in a wonderful time when the world around us changes not only every year or every day but every minute. What excites me the most is the fact that I am lucky enough to be in the thick of things, to be in the right place and in the right time, and to be able to participate in triggering this rapid development, while the trigger is Blockchain itself; I’m convinced that all of us are really lucky to be there and now, and take part in this great process together. Each one of us is doing something for this, and we, the BlockShow team, get you all together and drive the innovations for all these years. This year’s event will be a festival of development, knowledge, insights, and innovations for the whole industry and beyond. I personally (and my teammates will support me here) encourage you to join us in November to make your own contribution!

Oh, and once I mentioned my teammates… there is something else I’d like to reflect on. It turned out that our biggest announcement of the year has coincided with another important day for the Blockchain ecosystem and for the global community as well; of course, I’m talking about the International Women’s Day! Thinking of my team today, I definitely couldn’t ignore the fact that about 70% of specialists behind BlockShow are female.

Women in Blockchain

I personally believe the BlockShow ladies are one of the strongest sides of our company. Without any fear or hesitation, they handle the most challenging tasks which can only happen while organizing the events. In the roughest moments, they are restless along with everyone else in the team; their commitment to making everything perfect is fantastic, and when everything is over, they still find a resource to party and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow! 🙂 I also can’t help but do a big shoutout to my one and only co-director (hey Anna!). She is the exact person who helps me every day and in every aspect: from simply keeping it all together at our HQ to being in another part of the world, so many timezones away from me, solving the crucial challenges on our way.

Doing the networking at our conferences, I often see people admiring how our team is almost entirely female. I was always pleased with them noticing this, but today is a great occasion for me to think deeply about this, as well as to pay great appreciation to all the women out there who work hard every day to drive the Blockchain ecosystem forward. I feel privileged to work in an environment like this: Blockchain is a relatively young sector which shows great progress in overcoming many social challenges and inequality we still have in the 21st century. My wish today is for the global community (no matter what country or industry) to make its step forward and make the business space, the space for progress and innovations equal for everyone. Wouldn’t it be great, huh?