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BlockShow Reveals Conferences within BlockShow Asia 2019, First Ecosystem Partners Presented

BlockShow Reveals Conferences within BlockShow Asia 2019, First Ecosystem Partners Presented
BlockShow Reveals Conferences within BlockShow Asia 2019, First Ecosystem Partners Presented

How is it going, fellow Blockchainers?

It wasn’t long ago when many Crypto media came up with some big news: BlockShow has changed its concept and structure dramatically. It’s true: instead of having a two-day conference as we did it in 2017/18, this November we are starting a full-scale Festival of Decentralized Technologies, which will include several conferences and side events. However, there hasn’t been much info about the whole thing – until today, when we finally shed some light on what our team is preparing for you to see this Fall!

So, let’s get straight to the point: what are the conferences that will join the Festival of Decentralized Technologies on November 14-15 in Singapore?  After all the thorough discussions, in-depth research and testing out different models, our team made its final decision of holding 10 separate conferences. What sectors will be included? Here we did our best to pay attention to all the major aspects of the global Blockchain ecosystem, from some fundamental and ever-relevant topics to industries disrupting the space here and now. 

So what are these conferences? Well, let me give you a brief hint of what we are preparing. First of all, of course, we couldn’t avoid including some fundamental and even traditional sectors in the conference line-up: Investments & Startups, Finance, Trading and, of course, Regulations will always be important aspects of the Blockchain ecosystem. Apart from it, we will also discover the most pressing internal issues of the ecosystem, linked to Marketing & PR, Privacy & Security, and Development. Finally, our audience will find out everything about the major industries and technologies successfully co-existing with (and within) the Blockchain field, from BaaS to Gaming & Dapps, and AI

Addy Crezee, CEO BlockShow believes that this new format has some really big potential both in the short and long term: 

“These conferences may not seem like much at the moment, but all of them have huge potential: in future, the majority of them will evolve and gain self-reliance; they will exist separately from the main Festival and – maybe – even take very different locations worldwide.

In the long term, BlockShow is going to keep up with the Festival format, but the Festival itself will become bigger through the conferences, which will be more diverse and detailed content-wise. This is our vision, according to which some major ecosystem elements – like Finance, Regulations, etc. – will gain their own platforms as separate events, where all the pressing questions will be raised. This is the only way for decentralized technologies to become truly widespread and mainstream.”

Addy also stated that separating stage program into conferences is also better in terms of the content itself, and will allow the team behind the event to get the content quality on a whole new level: 

“This time, more than ever, we are focusing on the content, because this is what’s important in terms of the community development: people get proper answers to their questions, this helps them to develop their projects, the projects are being developed within the community, and hence the community, the industry itself is evolving.”

Inviting Experts to the Party

To understand the depth of the changes happening both in structure and the substance of the Festival and conferences, let’s also outline the transformation of the internal teamwork. The thing is, to make BlockShow Asia 2019 even better, we reached out to the major people and companies from many ecosystem sectors to establish ecosystem partnerships and practically make them our colleagues and advisors. Their expertise will not only help us gather every piece of valuable ecosystem knowledge but also present this knowledge to our audience in the best way we can.

Addy Crezee further comments:

“We attract ecosystem partners to work deeper on the content and to get the most valuable experts, leaders, and professionals to speak from our stages. Our partners really help us a lot – they have their in-depth knowledge on who is who within the industry, what issues are desperately waiting to be addressed, as well as many other things. Long story short, what do we get? The much better event program, the much more carefully chosen speakers, and way more valuable people at our conferences.”

Today, we are excited to introduce our first Ecosystem Partners: such companies as Blockchain Founders Fund and Blockchain i will provide their insights on Investments & Startups; Wachsman and Inbound Junction will help us to immerse into the Marketing & PR sector of the Blockchain ecosystem; QCP Capital will be here to let us know every latest trend on Digital Assets and Trading; ACCESS (Singapore) will share every aspect of Blockchain Regulations & Law; Blockchain Game Alliance and will support us to bring all the possible value to the Gaming & Dapps event; Distributed Lab will shed light on the latest accomplishments in BaaS and Enterprise Blockchain; Changelly will uncover all things Decentralized Finance, while Hacken will call for all cypherpunks to talk about Privacy & Security. Finally, SingularityNET, leading AI experts, will help us bring every bit of this rapidly evolving industry to our audience. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of our partners: even more updates on this part are coming soon, as well as many other exciting news. 

What more could I tell you in this piece? Well, for example, apart from 10 main conferences, we’ll be having a whole lot of side events – contests, group activities, value and fun combined together… but I’m not saying another word! After all, I have to just give you a small teaser at this point, so stay tuned for more updates, and hopefully, I’ll be back to bring you some really soon!