BlockShow is Back to Tease You with Some News! – BlockShow Loading...

BlockShow is Back to Tease You with Some News!

BlockShow is Back to Tease You with Some News!
BlockShow is Back to Tease You with Some News!

How is it going, fellow Blockchainers?

2019 has come and even lasted for already a month, and now I guess it’s the best time to break into your daily routine with my good ol’ blog posts. However, this time I had to step away from the digest format — the actual ‘news’ will come later; now, when the working season is still young for the BlockShow team, I just want to shed some light on what you can expect to happen this year.

Mentioning the recent (and for someone just upcoming) New Year Holidays, I cannot fail to mention the associated spirit of renewal. Of course, it’s all connected to those small rituals we’re doing in work and everyday lives — New Year resolutions, annual reports, next year planning…BlockShow is no exception to this, and our team enters this year with all new conception and format. If 2017 and 2018 were more or less similar in terms of what we were doing, then 2019 seems to be preparing something new for all of us!

Less is more

So what BlockShow is going to look like in 2019? This year BlockShow is going to put together all the experience gained during 5 conferences and more than 10 meetups worldwide to get the brand on a whole new level. Stepping away from so-called hotel conferences — which have their own advantages, but is often limited by restrained space — we are now aiming for a much bigger venue and seek to become more similar to large-scale expos, or, according to Addy Crezee, to create a single ultimate platform to bring all key players together:

“This time, attendees can expect the format similar to huge industry events, which BlockShow is. I feel really optimistic about the changes we’re making: this is what’s going to be much more efficient for the community.”

These thoughts were inspired by the vision of the Blockchain industry Addy got back in late 2018:

“Everyone was talking about the ‘Bear Market’ and ‘Crypto Winter’, and I was thinking of our results for 2018. We really managed to tell millions of people both online and offline — at our conferences — about Blockchain, so it’s safe to say our mission was accomplished. But that was also a moment when I realized that we really need only one event to make this whole experience as valuable as possible. Things are calming down and become more traditional within the ecosystem: everyone now knows about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Decentralization. People don’t need such a big number of events anymore — they need real development, so it’s time for us to start gathering the community for another purpose.”

My phrase from the above, ‘less is more’, not only reflects moving from quantity to quality; the size of the event itself is going to grow inevitably. This year’s BlockShow is going to become the largest conference in the history of the event. Attendees, speakers, exhibitors — the number of participants will surpass all the events we had in the past.

There are two major questions left — where and when is it going to happen? Well, all I can do now is set the direction for the Asian region, late 2019. Obviously, such place and time were chosen for a reason — the Asian Blockchain market and the ecosystem are developing rapidly at the moment, and we currently see Asia as of the major Blockchain community drivers. In addition to that, Addy Crezee states that “the end of the year is the best time when everyone will be stocktaking and making plans for 2020”.

More details soon!

I guess that’s all I can tell for now. So what do we have? One Blockchain/DLT-focused event larger than literally everything we’ve ever made, which is to take place in late 2019 somewhere in Asia. Yep, there’s definitely more questions than answers…but you know what? I also have one small date for you — February 21st. This exact day we’re launching ticket sales and making the official announcement of the upcoming event, including first agenda features, speaker lineup and much much more. The anticipation is real, so let’s all be patient — believe me, it will pay off. Until then, there’s also something cool you can do: go to the BlockShow official website and pre-register for BlockShow Asia 2019 to receive a very special time-limited offer! Hurry up, and see you 🙂