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Singapore November 14-15

BlockShow Asia 2019 MAS Speaker Revealed, Accompanied by the First Side-Events Announcement

BlockShow Asia 2019 Updated
BlockShow Asia 2019 Updated

How is it going, friends?

BlockShow Asia 2019, the Festival of Decentralized Technology is getting closer, so we’re receiving more and more of the exciting updates on what our attendees are going to experience in November. The past week brought some really great news on what we were waiting to announce for so long, so let’s just dive right in!

Introducing Speakers

A new week brings a new line of fantastic introductions. Today we are glad to introduce another freshly-arrived part of the BlockShow Asia 2019 speaker lineup!

Sopnendu Mohanty

Sopnendu Mohanty

Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer at Monetary Authority of Singapore has recently joined BlockShow Asia 2019 as one of the key speakers!

He has spent over 20 years in various leadership roles globally in technology, finance, and innovation, as well as co-authored several patented works in the area of retail distribution of the financial sector. Mohanty extensively engages with ecosystems of various jurisdictions on innovation, policy-making and tech-enabled financial services. He is on the Institutional Investor’s list of influential FinTech global dealmakers, who has been recognized internationally as a FinTech thought leader and recently named the Market Reformer of the Year by IFL, Euromoney.

Even though the topic of Sopnendu’s entry for BlockShow Asia 2019 is yet to be announced, we can now safely say that it’s going to be one of the major appearances of the whole event.

Alex Mashinsky

 Alex Mashinsky

Another recent notable addition to our lineup came from Celsius Network. Meet Alex Mashinsky, the company’s founder and tech innovator who was among the inventors of VOIP with a foundational patent dating back to 1994 and is now working on MOIP technology. He is also a founder of seven New York City-based startups, raising more than $1B and exiting over $3B. Throughout his career, Alex has also authored patents that cover aspects of Twitter, Skype, AppStore, and  Netflix streaming concept.

Tianwei Liu

Tianwei Liu

Former Silicon Valley-based software engineer with a background in Amazon, Tianwei has always been intrigued by the world of Fintech. Having stepped into the Crypto ecosystem as an early enthusiast, Tianwei likes to tinker with crypto mining in his spare time, as well as deliberate how this technology will create a new world order. As for his current position as CEO at Xfers, Tianwei is focused on creating the trusted digital financial ecosystem in South-East Asia, as well as accelerating the growth of fintech and digital businesses in the region.

John Scianna

John Scianna

Contributing to the Blockchain community since 2012 as a miner, journalist, and member of several startups, John is known for taking positions at such companies as the Chamber of Digital Commerce, CoinPip, VeChain and more. Today John works at the Qtum HQ in Shanghai. Within the company, he holds an integral role in building and specializing in Qtum’s international marketing strategy, which ultimately led to partnerships with globally recognized tech brands and mentions in publications such as TechCrunch and Bloomberg.

Antonio Fatas

Prof. Antonio Fatás

Prof. Fatás is the Portuguese Council Chaired Professor of Economics at INSEAD. His professional background career includes consulting for various institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve, the EU Parliament, and much more. Today, he is the lead researcher of a Policy and Research Network at CEPR on Fintech and Digital Currencies, studying global macroeconomic trends such as the causes of business cycles and the effects that economic policies have on them.

If you feel like refreshing your memories on who has already joined BlockShow Asia 2019 as a speaker, don’t forget to check out our official website for the full upcoming lineup!

There’s always something more

Before we reveal all those awesome events within the 2019’s BlockShow framework, we want to say a couple more words about why his year’s BlockShow Asia is going to be so special. The thing is, this November our Festival of Decentralized Technologies will be held jointly with the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) and SWITCH, Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology. Organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore together with the Association of Banks of Singapore, this Fall’s SFFxSWITCH will be held between November 11-15 with BlockShow as a supporting organization.

Ok, now back to the events. We already know about several events that will be held before, during and after the major part of the Festival; however, in today’s blog, we’re going to shed some light on only 3 of them, just to keep you intrigued for some later announcements.

On Day 0 of November BlockShow Asia 2019, the Medialogue event will be held. The name is really symbolic: the meeting which will bring together 100 journalists, PR persons, and media representatives, aims to create a platform with a bunch of comprehensive, as well as to establish a dialogue on a wide range of crypto media-related topics. Medialogue will be moderated by our friends from Cointelegraph, and there are no doubts we’re about to hear some fresh announcements regarding this event sometime really soon.

As for the second event, it’s going to be BTC Meetup titled Bitcoiner#1, which will be held on November 16. The meetup is organized in collaboration with Blockstream, which is no real surprise if you ask us: Bitcoin and all the initiatives related to it were have been always at the center of the company’s expertise and developments. Paying some respect to the first and the most renown Cryptocurrency ever, the upcoming Bitcoiner#1 aims to disseminate information on development surrounding Bitcoin, with up to 500 participants expected to attend.

Last, but definitely not the least, a master class on The Future of Digital Money will be held on November 13 at the INSEAD Asia Campus. Organized in collaboration with the INSEAD itself and featured by Antonio Fatas, professor of economics and Portuguese Council chaired professor of European Studies, the event will explore the role of central banks in the payment systems as legacy money disappear.

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon – believe us, you won’t be disappointed!