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BlockShow 2018: We Are Back With Some Great News!

BlockSHow Meetups
BlockSHow Meetups

Sorry for joking around, but loving everything about BlockShow I’m just really excited we’ve finally resurrected this blog. From now on we’ll keep updating you on everything happening within the BlockShow team — each small yet important step our guys make every day to bring you something as big and cool as the BlockShow conferences.

Online blog is a perfect platform to share all the latest news, announcements and just some random happy moments from our lovely team’s life in a friendliest manner possible, so without further ado — let’s jump right in!

More Meetups are Coming!

Meetups were something that we decided to bring as an innovation in the whole concept of BlockShow. In Fall 2017 our team did something like a tour accross all the “Blockchain Capitals” of Asia (see here or here to discover how it was). Back then, one month before our main event in Singapore, the meetups turned out to be a real success — for us, too! We managed to not only demonstrate our Eastern Blockchain fellows what BlockShow is, but also to get to know our audience & participants better and establish a full dialogue between us and them.

But we are not a kind of a team that is complacent about some past achievments! By adopting this effective practice, we aimed at enhancing this experience withing the framework of our upcoming conference. And — voila! — very soon we are coming back to Europe with 8 meetups straight!

During the recent chat, our Chief Event Manager Shavrat Khalid revealed some details about the European meetups. Not much info really, but already enough to get intrigued!

So, as I mentioned above, there will be 8 meetups, and all of them will be held in the major European cities in mid-Spring 2018. Our exciting journey will begin on March 12 in Stockholm; we’ll move on to the Berlin meetup on March 15, and then head right to Amsterdam to meet you there on March 20. We’ll cross The English Channel to be with you in London on March 24; right after that, we’re going to visit Paris on March 30. Moving south, we’ll see you in Zurich on April 4 and drop by Barcelona on April 9; finally, we’ll finish our tour on April 16 in Rome!

The meetups’ Agenda and other details will be also revealed very soon, but I can say right away — it’s going to be so much fun! Oh, and another important thing is that all those european meetups are free of charge, so I guess this is another good reason not to miss out.

Our CEO Addy Crezee is aleady excited! Let’s see what he says:

“The upcoming meetups all over Europe are designed to bring value to the community, keeping to the main goal of BlockShow itself. We aim to unite people and motivate them to build partnerships, drive the community forward. All by bringing recognized speakers, making big announcements, providing valuable content and showcasing trustworthy Blockchain startups. Thousands of people are joining us during this roadshow and I’m impatiently waitng to see that with my own eyes!”

However, it’ll be a while before our big roadshow over Europe — is there something to do right now? Well, for example, you can go and check out the brand new BlockShow website, where you can get all the news about our upcoming events, track all the updates in real time, and most importantly — purchase a ticket or two at the lowest price possible!

So I guess I’ll just leave you with this for now. Till the next time, fellow Blockchainers!