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Apply to partner with us in 2019, and our specialist team will get in touch with you to discuss your goals.
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Present your project
Take your chance to spread the word about your startup loud and clear - and hit all of your target audience at once!
Attract investments
Many projects have already raised millions of funds at BlockShow conferences - it’s your time to join them! Reach your future investors by presenting your project in the Exhibition Hall and during our annual EXP20 Startup Show.
Networking is the key
With the whole set of opportunities, including our signature app and a Networking Zone for offline meetings, there is no way for you to miss any of fruitful deals and partnerships waiting for you at BlockShow!
One billion dollars has been raised in total during all BlockShow conferences

Here are some big projects:

Bancor Raised $148,000,000 BlockShow Oscar Winners
Status Raised $101,000,000 BlockShow Oscar Winners
electrify asia Raised $30,000,000 BlockShow Oscar Winners
Humaniq Raised over $3 000 000 During the ICO launched at BlockShow Europe 2017
“BlockShow, the big and successful event in Singapore” – BITCOINMAGAZINE
“BlockShow, blockchain industry’s most acclaimed conference” – BITCOIN.COM
“BlockShow becomes first blockchain conference to sell tickets by smart contract” – THENEXTWEB
“BlockShow is dedicated to discovering the hottest innovations and trends” – BUZZFEED
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Startup $ 588
next price: $ 888
Startupcorner $ 1888
next price: $ 2188
Startup Corner $1300