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Americas 2018 highlights
Las Vegas August 20-21
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“Great being here today. It's really great event, I'm honoured to be part of it!” – Nouriel Roubini, CEO of Roubini Macro Associates, Co-Founder & Former Chairman of Roubini Global Economics, Predicted Global Financial Crisis 2008
BlockShow Americas 2018 blockchain experts
Bobby Lee Bobby Lee Co-founder of BTCC
Dr. Nouriel Roubini Nouriel Roubini CEO of Roubini Macro Associates, Co-Founder & Former Chairman of Roubini Global Economics, Predicted Global Financial Crisis 2008
Johanna Maska Johanna Maska CEO of Global Situation Room, Inc., Ex-Head of White House Press Advance for President Barack Obama
Mike Butcher Mike Butcher Editor-At-Large at TechCrunch, Awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list 2016
Victoria Vaughan Victoria Vaughan CEO at Cointelegraph, Cointelegraph Media Group & Franchise Program Creator
Manny Fernandez Manny Fernandez SF Angel investor of the year 2016, 33 Entrepreneurs to Watch of 2016 by Inc. Magazine
Mark Mueller-Eberstein Mark Mueller-Eberstein Investor, best-selling author in 12 languages, involved in APEC, World CIO Forum, Microsoft's WPC
Alex Mashinsky Alex Mashinsky Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Investor, Tech Innovator, Founder of Celsius Network
Anatoly Radchenko Anatoly Radchenko Co-Founder of United Traders, an investment company that raised $35M during crowdsale in 2017
Tone Vays Tone Vays Ex-Wall Street Professional, Crypto and Blockchain Educator, Researcher & Consultant
Jeremy Gardner Jeremy Gardner Founder of Blockchain Education Network, Led the 1st ICO on Ethereum Ever
Eric Benz Eric Benz Investor, CryptoFriends & ICOBench Ambassador, Founding Member of UK Digital Currency Association
Kyle Ellicott Kyle Ellicott Chief Labs Officer & Founder at ReadWrite Labs and ReadWrite, Techie & Innovator
Christopher Greene Christopher Greene Founder of Alternative Media Television & Bitcoin Rich, Media Personality Featured on CNN, Fox News, RT
Julian L Zegelman Julian L. Zegelman Angel investor, Founding Partner at TMT Blockchain Fund, Multiple SuperLawyers Award Winner
Igor Belkin Igor Belkin Editor in Chief at Cointelegraph
Christopher Obereder Christopher Obereder Serial Entrepreneur, CMO at TV-TWO, Forbes 30 under 30
Ricky Ng Ricky Ng Chairman & Founder of IHT, Co-founder of IClick, Advisor at McAfee Crowdchain Accelerator
David Lee David Lee Professor at SUSS, Director at LeftCoast, Co-Founder at BlockAsset Ventures,
Hartej Sawhney Hartej Sawhney Co-Founder at Hosho Group, Global Blockchain Security Leader, Pink Sky Capital Advisor
Jordan French Jordan French Angel investor, Fast 50 & Inc. 500 entrepreneur, Editorial Staff at TheStreet
Malikkhan Kotadia Malikkhan Kotadia Global Digital Banker, Fintech mentor and Blockchain evangelist
Naeem Aslam Naeem Aslam CMA at ThinkMarkets, Columnist at Forbes, Irish Brokers Young Award
Pavel Kravchenko Dr. Pavel Kravchenko Information Security PhD, Software Engineer, Founder @ Distributed Lab
Rachel Wolfson Rachel Wolfson Journalist at Forbes, Influential woman in blockchain
Sterlin Lujan Sterlin Lujan Communications Ambassador at
Catherine Ross Catherine Ross Assistant Editor in Chief & Chief Brand Officer at Cointelegraph
Ivan Liljeqvist Ivan Liljeqvist Blockchain Consultant and Developer, Famous Blockchain Youtuber with millions of views
Cal Evans Cal Evans Founder of Gresham International, Board Member of The British Blockchain Association
Piper Moretti Piper Moretti CEO of The Crypto Realty Group, Top 8 Influential Women Making Headlines in Blockchain by
Ivica Simatovic Ivica Simatovic Media Tech Expert, Co-founder of Furthr Software & Media House Company, Co-Founder of Blockchain Guys
Michael Gasiorek Michael Gasiorek Co-Director at Startup Grind San Francisco, Columnist at Inc. Magazine, Director at
Martine Paris Martine Paris Tech Reporter, The FinTech Times, Blockchain Gamer
Zachary Reece Zachary Reece CEO of Carolina Investments, Managing Partner at BlockTrade Investments, Startups Advisor
Gianluca Massini Rosati Gianluca Massini Rosati Founder & CEO Xriba, Bestselling Author, Tax & Accounting Expert
William Chartain William Chartain Investor, Head of Sales at BitWage & Startups Advisory Firm InWage
Jason Bloomberg Jason Bloomberg Forbes Contributor, Bestselling Author, Top 5 Digital Transformation Influencer 2018
Austin Kimm Austin Kimm COO at Crypterium, the World’s First Cryptobank Accepting Payments via NFC Terminals or QR Codes
Kanaway Yusingco Kanaway Yusingco Founder and Managing Partner of Uniquely Wired
Dmitry Gorilovsky Dmitry Gorilovsky YotaPhone Creator, Founder & CEO at Moeco, Global Blockchain IoT connectivity platform
Melanie Mohr Melanie Mohr CEO at M-Commerce Platform YEAY, Founder of, Gen Z Entrepreneurship Advocate
Stephen Brett Stephen Brett Investor, Founder & CEO at InMusik, Blockchain Ecosystem Supporting Music Industry
Stewart Rogers Stewart Rogers Director of Marketing Technology & Analyst-at-large at VentureBeat
Evan Luthra Dr. Evan Singh Luthra Angel Investor, Founder of EL Group International and Almora - Crypto Investment Bank, Honorary Ph.D in Blockchain
Matej Michalko Matej Michalko Founder and CEO at DECENT, Co-founder of ALAX
Andrew L. Rossow Andrew L. Rossow Attorney, Adjunct Law Professor, Media Consultant for ABC, FOX, and NBC in Dayton, Ohio
Angelo Dodaro Angelo Dodaro Investor, CMO & Co-Founder at Adbank, Marketing Expert with 10+ Years of Experience
Austin Anderson Austin Anderson Co-Founder and CEO of Rupie Network, Software Engineer With 10+ Years of Experience
Chris Ellis Chris Ellis Angel investor, Co-Founder & CEO at Audio Cardio, Advisor at Inmusik
Christian Ferri Christian Ferri Investor, President & CEO of BlockStar, Executive Director at Blockchain Compliance Alliance
Dan Itkis Dan Itkis Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Creator of POS-Friendly Blockchain Payment Processor GRAFT
David Bleznak David Bleznak Decentralized Exchange Expert, Founded Totle to make Cryptoinvesting Mainstream
David Drake David Drake Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, Book Author, Contributed to the US JOBS Act
Dmitry Matskevich Dmitry Matskevich CEO and Co-founder of Dbrain, Listed in 100 People to Watch in the Chatbot Space by VentureBeat
Isaac Thomas Isaac Thomas CEO and Co-Founder of VeganNation, the 1st Global and Decentralized Nation for Vegans
Kelsey Cole Kelsey Cole Marketing Mag’s Top 30 Under 30, Co-Founder at Adbank, Leading Female in Crypto
Luca Burlando Luca Burlando COO of Crypto Real Estate AG, Financial Consultant at UHNWI Family Office
Rand Hindi Dr. Rand Hindi CEO at Snips, Former Member of the French Digital Council, Listed in "30 under 30" by Forbes
Rich Gupta Rich Gupta Investor, CEO, Regulated Transactions for TitanDX , a SEC/FINRA Compliant Exchange
Robert Torres Robert Torres Founding Partner at MT Digital Assets, Partner at BitMint, Social Media Marketing Expert
Sang Lee Sang Lee Investor, President & CEO at DarcMatter, Contributor to Huffington Post
Sean Howell Sean Howell CEO at LGBT Foundation, Not-for-Profit Organization Aimed to Deliver Equality
Vladimir Tomko Vladimir Tomko CEO of Blockchain Cuties, Game Producer with 14+ Years of Experience
Sheree Ip Sheree Ip Legal & Marketing Blockchain Advisor, Board Member at Blockchain Australia
Clement Thibault Clement Thibault Senior Stock Market & Cryptocurrency Analyst for, a Leading Global Financial Portal
Dirk Reuter Dirk Reuter Life Sciences Researcher & Data Scientist, Physicist & Co-founder of ScientificCoin
Paulo D'Alberti Paulo D'Alberti Project Manager at BEXAM, Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange
Mark Blick Mark Blick Head of Government, Blockchain Technology at Diginex
Dimitris Vassiliadis Dimitris Vassiliadis Lead, Business & Product Development at EXUS, Tech Expert Evaluator at EU Commission
Nithin Eapen Nithin Eapen Chief Investment Officer at Arcadia Crypto Ventures, Creator of the Belpointe Crypto Index
Mike Miglio Mike Miglio Managing Partner at ICO Law Group, International Law Expert & Problem Solver
Joshua Jahani Joshua Jahani Chief Strategy Officer, Strategy Advisor at Edifecs, CSO at Jahani and Associates
Daniel Im Daniel Im CTO & Co-Founder of Coinscious Inc, CEO & Founder of AIFounded
John Marchesini John Marchesini Co-Founder of Blockchain Beach, Digital Media Publication Covering Blockchain News, Events, DApps and Token Economies
Michael Terpin Michael Terpin Founder & CEO at Transform Group, CoinAgenda and Alphabit Fund, Co-Founder & Chairman at BitAngels
Antonius Link Antonius Link Co-Founder at HYGH AG, The Digital Platform Redefining the Way of Advertising
Herb Stephens Herb Stephens Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Сo-founder and the Treasurer at Democracy Earth Foundation
Hideki Ehara Hideki Ehara CEO at AI Innovation Japan, Blockchain & Sharing Economy Consultant
Jason Davis Jason Davis CEO at Hoard Inc, Formerly Wells Fargo, Interaction, interface and strategy designer
Leon Shi Leon Shi Partner at Node Capital, ex-financial reporter, invested in over 30 Blockchain cases
Manish Sharma Manish Sharma Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn, Director of Product and Development at Verizon
Dmitri Senchenko Dmitri Senchenko Founder of Feron Stablecoin, Ex Goldman Sachs' Financial Institutions Group
Leslie Katz Leslie Katz Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig LLP, Multiple Tech ans Business Award Recipient
Alex Melikhov Alex Melikhov Co-Founder and COO at OXYGEN, #1 Decentralized CryptoRepo Platform
RJ Smith RJ Smith Founder & CEO/CTO of RedPen, Member Board of Directors at Messy Labs Global
Federico Malvezzi Federico Malvezzi Investor, Co-Founder & General Manager at AidCoin, CEO & Co-Founder at Dryve
Igor Khmel Igor Khmel Founder & CEO at BANKEX, Ex-McKinsey Consultant
Dallas Santana Dallas Santana Blockchain Media Advisor, Investment Lead at LDJ Capital, Expert in launching Fortune 100 brands
Derrick Warren Derrick Warren Chairman at Universal Decentralized Asset Protocol (UDAP) Foundation, Former IBM Leader
blockshow oscar startup competition

SCIENTIFICCOIN – the winner of BlockShow Americas 2018 Startup Competition.

Blockchain platform for scientific projects with decentralized evaluation. The technologies and their products are aimed at benefiting society and sold at a fair price. This includes medicines and developments vital to society and accessible to everyone, regardless of geopolitical, economic, or other conditions. ScientificCoin is an opportunity for any scientific project to raise funds.

BlockShow Americas 2018 Oscar Contestants
Quixxi Connect
BlockShow oscar scientificcoin
“Great venue, very good turnout, the event is great, the topics are good!” – Tone Vays, Ex-Wall Street Professional, Crypto and Blockchain Educator, Researcher & Consultant